Collapse of PAL at Xrt Xmsterdxm, 2011.

Here are 13 mins of excerpts of my performance during Xrt in Xmsterdxm 2011, at Trouw. It was a funky night, some friends and family came and I really had a great time seeing them. Thanks mom for making the video.

For the performance I used two screens; on the left side there is an emphasis on analog glitching and on the right side is on digital glitching. This way, I tried to show that the two ways of video broadcasting (PAL vs. DVB and its different file formats) both have different but still kind of similar glitches. I have also developed the story line further (it now consists of 7 chapters, instead of 5):

1. Introduction to PAL
2. Eulogy (but a revised version) 
3. Into the Tulgey Woods (which you can see at the new psychadelia @ MU & some stills are here)
4. Spoils of the Hype Cycle (based on the Vernacular of File Formats)
5. Requiem for the Planes of Phosphor (but this one has the pieces of the glitch studies manifesto in it)
6. Dear mr PAL (based on Dear mr compression but with another poem)
7. Shouts outs to NTSC, SECAM, Karl Klomp and Walter Benjamin.

In the end, 2nd, the 5th and the 6th (partially) were still old, the other chapters were completely new (I deleted a couple of old ones...). In the future I aim to incorporate the Glitch Studies Manifesto more and make the Angel of Histories hypotheses and conclusions more clear.

So yea, the Collapse of PAL is still developping and I think this time it had grown from what I showed at Transmediale - although I was nervous (cause of the friends and family), and made a lot more mistakes because of that, especially in the beginning, ha!
Next time, glitches are going to be perfect!

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