//Tomorrow: The Collapse of PAL @ Art in Amsterdam.

Trouwens #11. Trouwamsterdam
Tomorrow during Art in Amsterdam at the Trouw Building I will perform the Collapse of PAL (from 22:50 – 23:20), a solo AV show about the television signal PAL and its demise.

TCP was first developed as a live television broadcast, that I did a year ago in Denmark. Besides this, a small reference to the TCP was published with my Glitch Studies Manifesto in the Video Vortex 2 reader. After the television broadcast I was asked to develop the screening into a live performance, which I performed last at the Transmediale in Berlin and which was reviewed as "the media archaeological highlight of Transmediale" by Jussi Parikka.

Tomorrow will be a special event, because for me (working practice and theory based) it has at times been hard to come from a university in the Netherlands and get any kind foothold at or in-between the art institutions here (atleast, up until recently). It seems that art and Science are still very much separated. Besides that, I am working with glitch, which often did not make my case easier either.

During my University career I never expected to develop a solo performance that I would get to show in the places that I am. It kind of happened by chance and it still feels like a roller coaster ride that is not safety-guaranteed at all - its actually sometimes very frightening.
Now for the first time I get to show the Collapse of PAL in the Netherlands. I am not sure if I am ready for it because its a huge step to stand in front of people that I might actually know and whose opinions matter, both personally and professionally - but since it is this special occasion for so many different reasons, I wanted to invite you. To celebrate PAL and other (potentially) lost relations and opportunities.

I hope to see you there if you can make it (its only 7,50 euros, ahmmnnnn.,,)

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