Monglot opensourced!

Download Monglot // Monglot source code at Gitorious - update: Gitorious lost, code downloadable here 
This is a part 2 of the powerpoint presentation I gave two weeks ago during my workshop "A Vernacular of File Formats" at Steim. In this workshop I taught about the basic characteristics of the different most commonly used file formats and how these characteristics can be exploited (by for instance altering or glitching the hex code), to make glitch design. Most of the images can also be generated with the use of Monglot, a glitch software me and Johan Larsby developed last December.

Johan and I  opensourced the code of Monglot. Yeay!
Monglot is made to standardize the Vernacular of File Formats. If you never heard about Monglot before you can read some more about it here

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