//Collapse of PAL at Cinemateca Brasileira, Sao Paolo.

Artists: 20:00 // Saturday // 15/10/11 //
FOYER Cinemateca Brasileira, Sao Paolo, BR.
Rosa Menkman, Optical Machines, B.Fleischmann, DEFI.

Trailer: Music by little-scale
I am super excited to announce that the Collapse of PAL will be part of Rojo Nova cinematic installations - in which it will feature Optical Machines and B. Fleischmann! (some of you might know I have been a fan of Fleischmann soundscapeyy-music for years so its an absolute honor to work on this project together with him).
The Optical Machines will bring an analogue-installation component to the whole. 

The fourth “cinematic installation” to happen at the BNDES Foyer inside Cinemateca Brasileira. A technological set-up… all “collapsing” with the many analogical ways of generating the information, the music, the story telling. A session where you will read, listen, watch, but most of all, you will be surprised on how the whole installation is generated.

Plot: Collapse of PAL tells the story of the PAL signal and its termination. This death sentence, although executed in silence, was a brutally violent act that left PAL disregarded and obsolete. While it might be argued that the PAL signal is dead, it still exists as a trace left upon the new, ‘better’ digital technologies. PAL can, even though the technology is terminated, be found here as a historical form that newer technologies build upon, in- herit or have appropriated from. Besides this, the Angel also realizes that the new DVB signal that has been chosen over PAL is different, but at the same time also inherently flawed.

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