Rosa and Áron Birtalan // Collapse of PAL // longtailtour

Here is a video of me and Áron playing at the glitch gallery show in Budapest. If you are not happy about quality, you better come and see us for real!┘─▀┐─▄┘─
The Collapse of PAL will have a couple of installments in NL before the big show in Brazil and to make it more more beautiful I invited Áron Birtalan to join me. Áron and I have played some of the most traumatic shows I have ever been through in my life, not just musically... and its really good to have him at my side.█▄┘─▀┐─▄─

Áron Birtalan [HUN] is a musician / media artist from Budapest, Hungary, currently living in The Hague, NL. His works and interests primarily focus on minimalist music, sonic environments, failure aesthetics, DIY ethics, romanticism, religious art and music, medievalism, Greek and South- East Asian mythology and lo-fi electronic media.▌█▌█▀─██▌█─

† 19.11.11 - with Áron @ TBC, STRP - Eindhoven, NL
† 24.09.11 - with Áron @ TodaysArt - The Hague, NL
† 09.09.11 - with Áron @ Gogbot - Enschede, NL
At Gogbot I will also do some visuals in the church and some vj-ing with Eavan Aiken aka Roborant.██▄┘─█

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