////Acousmatic Videoscapes in DVD Deaddrop project by Aram Bartholl

Screenshot of my work for the DVD Dead Drop Project curated by Aram Bartholl
Two days ago Aram bartoll opened his DvD deaddrop project in the Museum of the Moving Image in NY  on the HOT Volume (August 16–September 21, 2012) »(August 16th, 2012).

I made a new work especially for the exhibition but unfortunately I heard later that Aram installed it quite a bit differently than I had planned; he installed a 'remix'; a screencap of my 3d environment. A bit of a crazy situation since it defies the work. But anyway, you can now find the original work online
You can play it online here or download the app (for mac)
 (good thing: you dont have to travel or get a 0day art release to see it!)

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