:·:Xilitla and sir Edward James Garden:·:·:·:·

I just got back from Xilitla and the Surrealist, semi tropical garden of Edward James. I went alone and it took 8,5 hours over bumpy jungle roads in a very old, refrigerator-cold (the luxury called airconditioning..), occasionally leaking bus (the roof was broken and when it rained,, it rained in the bus). The trip was supposed to take 6-7 hours but the bus often stopped moving forward and instead started slipping backwards, which was quite frightening on the steep mountain roads (to me, but especially to the older lady next to me who screaked 
every time). 
The sights from the buswindow were so amazingly beautiful and rich. They gave me everything, from dry Greek Mediterranean mountains to Swiss grass landscapes laced with flowers and cacti and Swedish coastal forests. It made me nostalgic, emotional. But also, the more time I spend looking through the windows of the bus, the later it got and with time the night fell and everything became smallerI started to feel the pressure of having to enjoy because I was given this life. Sometimes.. life haunts me, Haunts me again:·:·:·  
In the dark of night I arrived in the very small jungle city of La Huasteca, called Xilitla. La Huasteca is known as a quite dangerous region and as a lonely female traveler I had taken the small precautions of not bringing anything but a bit of money, my photo camera and some extra underwear. I hoped that this way it look like I went out for grocery shopping instead of looking for a place to sleep.
In the middle of night I was woken up by very loud sounds. It had gotten a bit windy and something loud banged on the roof. At dawn I found out I was woken up by breakfast; my little place was located right under an avocado tree. Early risen I left for the park where I spend until dusk climbing winding stairs, swimming through creeks with my camera above my head and conquering several jungle paths onto the mountains, celebrating the most beautiful park that doesn't let itself be captured in words. Luckily I took a lot of photos --->>
I was afraid Xilitla would turn out not to be as much as I had hoped for, but in fact it is truly the most wonderful place in the world I have ever visited, it made me feel so strong and happy. A really perfectly destroyed, concrete jungle. 

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