01: Explosions in Miniature aka Lucid.

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In 2012 I travelled: to perform, speak, organize, learn, see and to experience. I got the PhD position I dreamed of, made the most hours teaching I ever did, met many people in weird situations and felt more happy and balanced than I have felt in many years.
But it has also been the year in which I made almost no rendered videos and did hardly any 'real' writing or even blog posts. I was almost always 'just arriving', in-between or 'leaving'. The longest time I spend in one country were my 2 months in Mexico, but even there I moved cities. 

I wish I had written more; especially about the things I experienced - the stories. Instead I used the people I met to tell them all the things because I am afraid of forgetting both the good and the sad things. 
Maybe you can remember for me. I think I talk more than ever_ sorry for that. 
Anyway. This month (almost all of it) I will spend at home. I will use it to make video and maybe through the video I can tell some of the stories. little-scale will make the sounds. I hope I will get some things rendered. 
This is nr. 1. I think it might be for all the moments I woke up and realized I was travelling and could not get out of my seat, so I went back to sleep again. 
I especially remember a trip to Brazil. I woke up in the airplane realizing my face was broken (crusts of blood on my cheeks and my jaw could not open - for a month after). I had no idea what I had packed in my bag and the aisle seat was occupied by a famous hells angel who had a stewardess sitting on his lap. He thought I had tattooed my knuckles (blood). Going to the toilet felt like an adventure. 
So I went back to sleep.

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