Critical Tweeting Raphael Bousso: ‘The World as a Hologram: Black Holes, Information, and the Quest for a Unified Theory of Nature’

* I took this screenshot from my bed the other day. Now everything just makes a bit more sense.

This is me tweeting an entire lecture about black_holes by Raphael Bousso. It just seemed like that would make sense. 
* Ah nice, Raphael Bousso used a keynote preset - sticking with the theme of #darkUniverse #the_role_of_black_hole_thinking
* "if you sit on the star you can see the star collapse, but if you fall in the black hole a while after it forms, you see only empty space"
* #Black_hole_amnesia
* "people say that entropy is disorder but i have no clue what disorder is"
"There comes a point when you have to run with the speed of light to get out of quicksand." Physicist Raphael Bousso #darkuniverse
* what it means to be a crystal: once you know one place of an atom, you will know all your atoms
* given full information on now, I can predict the future and retrodict the past. Information is never lost.
* There is a universal limit on information in space. When you put a lot of information in a room then you need very tiny particles.
* The world as a Hologram: The world is not local. There is a maximum of info that fits inside an area.
* Many systems cannot be converted into black holes. Because some elements are already in black holes.
* Some areas of surfaces and the information of space could already be inside a black hole, for instance.
* How can it be useful to think about black holes and observing them? Answer: we can use them to bring together gravity and quantum mechanics.
* String theory has managed to explain this relation between gravity and quantum mechanics.
* Hawking demonstrated that black holes emit thermal radiation. They shrink because they have to pay somehow for the energy/matter they are eating.
* radiation does not contain any information at all.
* radiation can be in any state and the state that it is found in is completely unrelated to the state it was in when now was then.
* A black hole contains all this information capacity but just spits out all this garbage. like white noise that is completely random.
* in physics that seems weird.
* given full information now, I can predict the future and retrodict the past. Information is never lost. information is never lost.

Raphael Bousso
* Is there a question out there?

* remember that matter disappeared in the event horizon a long time ago - I would like a precise piece of space
* when you fall in the black hole you will actually never realize you fell. This is the black hole information paradox
* in the 1990s a beautiful idea emerged: the inside and the outside of the black hole are complementary
* they are descriptions of the same information #CuteCatP(an)ic
* the inside observer gives another theory than the outside observer.
* About Firewalls:
* last year a beautiful argument showed that complementary is not enough if information comes out the #EventHorizon
* now what? unitary is broken? The equivalence principle is done for? stay tuned...
* #TheEnd #RaphaelBousso #DarkUniverse and now getting ready for some sonic bliss
 — at Sonic Acts festival - The Dark Universe

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