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Empirical MagazineEmpirical Magazine


I did an interview with Empirical magazine, a US based magazine that was just selected by Library Journal as one of the ten best new magazines of 2012. The interview was followed by 6 (!) pages showing my various modes of work as photographer and glitch artist. Its a funny mix of stuff, sometimes a bit random, but really nice non the less.
see the full interview here
╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖╱╲                  ╲∕∖̸╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕╲̷∖╱∖∕╲
╱╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕╲̷∖╱∖∕╲╱╲∕∖╱∖∕╲╱╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸ ╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖
╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷ ╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕╲∖

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Anna Blumenkranz said...

Wow! You ARE on fire, girl!