� falling without depth [perspective] : unfalling

Tonado Alley, Tennessee
lifting air over mountains

Operation Resurrection
[[Rosa Menkman. up to down: Tornado Alley, Lookout Mountain, Hydroelectric Power Station at Raccoon Mountain, 2113]]

As of late I am using the photosynth app quite a bit; photographing synthesized realities and dimensions, building spaces that are open to (perspective) directions. It is beautiful to me. A couple of discontinuous though/stories: 

During my Accessibility [CMD+R] residency I met Cosby Lindquist, an American Photographer who uses a self build [not-slit scan] rig that stitches many photos from almost exactly the same perspective together into a collage. Through this technique, Cosby's collages favor an objective mechanic view over the normally singularly 'framed' perspective of a traditional photographer. 
Looking at these panoramas, I miss a sense of depth of field; these panoramic photos use the third dimension in a way that I can't see nor understand; ...maybe there is no depth of field at all. Standing in front of his huge print, I wish I could fall inside of it. Because when there is no depth of field, I will never hit the ground, I will forever be un falling, never getting hurt. 
I always come back to architecture for some reason, though I am not even sure what architecture means anymore at all, or maybe just to me. In conversation with Pablo Garcia last week during the SAIC MFA graduate show, I learned about the distinction between architecture as a manipulation of space or architecture as a creation of form. Thinking of architecture as a way to manipulate space (instead of building a form) means to build an environment of open to contextualizations, a space that exists through experience. 
As a visitor I am reading the space; in other words, as navigator I am running space (space here is a data to which I bring my own algorithms). Space is more fluid and depends on the perspective chosen, whereas form is more static, maybe 
.. or is it just the other way around? 

Operation Resurrection

Operation Resurrection
[[Rosa Menkman Raccoon Mountain Hydroelectric Power Station, 2113]]

[[photo by Cosby Lindquist, exhibition overview]] 

Right now these photos are on display in Cleveland, Tennessee in the Cleveland State Community College, right next to Cosbys photo as part of the Accessibility CMD+R residency show. 
Accessibility is an artist residency located on the campus of Cleveland State Community College in South East Tennessee.  For two weeks, March 23 – April 6,  4 artists (me too!) had been invited to create new work that dealt primarily with the use of new media and technology. 
Many thanks to Mark Mcleod who organized the residency and who I know made a huge effort to get everything organized as well as he did. 

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