//TEDx talk :: Benchmarking me de/ranged

A 1000 people, a big clock in front of me, ready to start counting down from 10minutes... 
I am standing on a big red dot, ready to try and make my way through a too dense story. oh yea, somebody just spilled coffee (coffee ouch) over my shirt so I just changed my shirt. This one also has a stain but that is not important, at least its dry. 

 "Embracing the Weird" is the name of that panel ... oh man,... WEIRD is actually what I am not. I am normal! Weird is just what you dont want to understand. Here i am, fighting for you to try and understand, but TEDx told you I am weird so now you can be lazy,,, I will have to work hard!

Here we go.

OH --- A woman just hated out loud on my harddrive. 
I have to explain and keep my composure but on the inside of my brain i want to throw that disk at her face. Anyway, i have to get back, 10 minutes are running out fast! The clicker is not working. Why do  I have to use a light switch that will tell the guy in the back next to the little light to flip to the next slide? What is this ancient glitching technology? I have to invent a new way of message my wish for clicking. 

I keep wanting to run around to the other side and ... shout at my own stage... I have to keep talking ... lets finish this race in time. ok .. make a joke about kanye west ...

I learned so much from this evening. One thing: never do TED talks! But if you do, keep it simple and make high-five moments to give space to the clap-robots

For a good example of how to present glitch, watch jon.satrom! 

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