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Johann Velit interviewed me for No Name Magazine (NNM) using an interview technique I had never heard of before. As life these days is not really "normal" the interview does not really cover my "normal" daily life. Or maybe it does. In any case, it was a lot of fun to do this interview.

During one hole day NNM.Visual.Interviews studio (Experimental Approach) calls the artist to his/her cell phone every 30-45 minutes (random time laps) as a call to action. The interviewed artist will take a picture of his/her environment or the situation in which he/she is or can take a”snapshot” of their computer screen each time he/she is called by NNM.Studio. (The answer, photo or snapshot, must be taken immediately after NNM’s call, regardless of the situation in which the interviewed artist is at that time). This response to the call must be emailed to NNM.Studio right after it has been taken. The artist may include an explanation text and may or may not appear in the images taken. This NNM.Project aims to interact with the interviewee’s daily life, keeping his daily comfort and pace of life without having to enter in a “interview” context. The idea is to capture the different moments / situations that are part of the respondent’s life and try to draw a “map of his/her day.” 

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(Tasmania, Tuesday – June 4th 2013).


– Picture 01 | 6:21 am: Its 6am and i am super jetlegged still; this night I slept from 12 to 3am and now I am awake. I am in hobart, tasmania for a festival called tacticalmagick. Far away from home – which is on the other side of the world, i think. I have not had more than 3 hours sleep for a week. Johann Velit from Lima, Peru called me about 2 hours ago (4:29 am) for this interview and I decided to start now (we were planning to start at 10:30) just because somehow this day has started before the last one ended.. somewhere there is sense in this. I hope. Emma just invited me to go do aero_bixks at the ocean next to the museum of modern art (mona). I think she has a chronicle jetleg because she is from here and its really early. I have to pack my bag cause this Woolstore room that tacticalmagick booked ends tonight and i cannot afford a room here. I dont know yet where i will sleep tonight – or for the coming month - As you can see there is some little chaos right now. It feels good!



– Picture 02 | 6:54 am: Its a mess. i have to hurry cause in an hour emma will pick me up to do some airo_briczx, its nice though because my room kinda looks like how my brain feels.


– Picture 03 | 7:37 am: International Space Station OK! homeless in Tasmania, on the street waiting for emma and julia. I have lot of crap to carry around and I can always build a little birds nest out of this if I have no place to go tonight.

– Video 04 | 8:15 am: I have never in my life done Airo_Bixs. Also in my general condition is pretty horrific due to jetleggs, no sleeping and maybe some general festival hangovers… so.. laughing and feeling bit awkward...

– Video 05 | 8:55 am: Sunrise. This airo bicxz teacher is the real thing. She is playing scooter and there is penguins if you look over the cliff. I think i am kinda of losing it. Also I am feeling dizzy…

– Picture 06 | 9:43 am:
Finished Airobrix. While emma had a meeting – she is curating an alice in wonderland dinner for MONA – julia and i had a way too expensive breakfast in the MONA wine cafe (finally… foooood). We made a plan; we are going to drive to cradle mountain (4 hours drive into the wild center of taZxxZmania) and sleep there. somewhere.

– Picture 07 | 10:26 am:
Scenery underneath the MONA wine cafe.

– Picture 08 | 11:03 am:
Leaving the beautiful Mona (the island in front is the Penguin Island) to go into the Tasmania wilderniss. somewhere. Julia is first going to pick up her family and we will meet later somewhere on the way or on the mountain again.

– Picture 9 | 12:25 am:
Emma and I just drove out of hobart and got some drinks for tonight √√ Now ready for the road!

– Picture 10 | 01:05 pm:
We just passed a black swan (i had never scene one!)

– Picture 11 | 01:41 pm:
Towards cradel mountain..

– Picture 12 | 2:10 pm:
No service. We just drove from what felt like the set of the lord of the rings into jurassic park. Stopped for a champagne ice cream. Now at the laughing jack lagoon (according to road signs).

– Picture 13 | 2:57 pm:
No service. o service, incredible views.
– Picture 14 | 3:47 pm: No signal | No service | No answer
– Picture 15 | 4:20 pm: No signal | No service | No answer

– Picture 16 | 4:50 pm:
We reached Queenstown, an eerie, spooky miners village. Still 2 hours out. Emma accidentally nocked over a display case in the gas shop so we bought some pyrite stones to make up for the chaos. There is no reception on most of the road.

– Picture 17 | 5:34 pm:
There are long stretches with hardly any radio, just a lot of static occasionally interrupted by local mining chatter. Its really beautiful though; breath taking.

– Picture 18 | 6:06 pm: this roadtrip kinda got out of hand. it was a way longer drive than Googlemaps told us. Its pitch black now and there are animals everywhere, dead and alive.

– Picture 19 | 6:33 pm:
Phone battery and computer dead. We arrived but super tired. We drove to a middle of the island. The trip was much longer than google maps said – not 4 but maybe 7 hours. Totally exhausting winding roads up hills and mountains, beautiful, until darkness hit with a lot of fog. Finally on top of the mountain all suddenly cleared and in the total darkness the milkyway and all stars and planets show.

– Picture 20 | Received at 6:24 am:
We finally checked into the Hotel room and had a drink. I am exhausted, can hardly move. I hope Julia and her family are gonna make it tonight!

– Picture 21 | Received at 6:25 am:
The whole Trip. We lost Julia. She has no reception and we don’t know where she is (she took another car with her family), but I think she will make it ok. I cant move anymore, cant even put on pyjama. I can only lay right here in bed.

And the final and only question:
What do you think about this experience?
So yes! Emma and i arrived safe : ) We lost julia but i think she did too. A wild unexpected roadtrip to Cradle mountain.

This was an amazing, unexpected adventure day. I kind of lost track of all the holes of our conversation… i am on my iphone all this time so its hard reconstruct back logs of what data did and did not get through to Lima. But it is definitely a very special experience to have lima call in when we are in the middle of a Jurassic Park moment. I have never had someone randomly ask me what i am doing, while they are so far away, on another side of the world. It made me feel more special in an already special experience and i think i am going to do this to other people in the future too. Its a very generous experience.
The last week in australia (tasmania) has been completely perfect. It is so much more beautiful than i expected. Actually the people here are so similar to the people i know on the other side of the world – which i find kind of weird – but there is so many smaller ways that are different that make me learn a lot. All very unexpected experiences – a little bit of magic upside down Macumba island.
We drank wine and had 2 very expensive starters for dinner (cannot afford a full meal). And passed out. today we woke up early – its 5am right now and we getting ready to see the animals and the famous mountains. Gonna be a wild jungle day.
The rest of the trip photos, can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/r00s/sets/72157633957032055/

Visual Interview by NNM.
NNM.Visual.Interviews (Experimental Approach)
NM.Studio will call the artist to his/her cell phone every 30-45 minutes (random time lapse) as a call to action during one whole day. Upon receiving the phone call, the artist will take a snapshot or a video of his/her present situation and email it to NNM.Studio immediately after thus creating a visual bonding experience between artist and viewer. The documentation must be produced immediately after you have received our phone call regardless of your present situation. The artist may include a descriptive text attached to each image/video taken provide more of a contextual relationship. This NNM.Project aims to interact with the interviewee’s daily life, keeping his/her daily comfort and pace of life without having to enter into an “interview” context. The idea is to capture the different moments/situations that are a part of the respondent’s life as an effort to draw a “map” of his/her day.

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