The Progress of Ambiguity: Uncertain Imagery in Digital Culture by Mikhel Proulx

got a bit teary eyed when I read Mikhel Proulx master thesis, in which he writes:

"In works like TIFF Compression glitch (2010) (fig. 4), a theatrical sensibility imbues her rigid self-portrait video-still – a shivering graphic that seems to tear at the skin of the young woman and of the image. Like so many pre-teen web-cam-diaries, Menkman faces her audience with a candid-but-controlled demeanour: her veiled eyes scorched in electric chiaroscuro." 

Its scary when somebody else writes about my work, they see things from another perspective. .. not through my own eyes. But it is also really great to see my life with through their eyes. 
The animated gif Mikhel writes about is a still from a video i made back in the days and that finally lead to this video. I painted my face white to say i wanted to try over, be a blank page without all the flaws i had before. But finally it turned out i was allergic to the paint. my eyes were so black because of the blood they filled with. I could not see for 2 days (had to go to the hospital too) and finally my best friend laughed and told me "of all people, you should have known there is no such thing as a perfect white, clean page; but now at least your own body has told you so". 
i love that chapter of my life and it was definitely ambiguously progressive... 

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