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14/02    : Sweet Tribology 03, MoNA Tasmania, AU. 
26/2     : Hacking Habitat Utrecht, NL. 
27-28/02 : Moderating several talks @Sonic Acts Academy, Brakke Grond, NL. 
07-13/2  : Teaching week @KiT Trondheim, NO. 
18/2     : Ways of Something @Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, US. 
25/2     : 0,1 // assume both [[BrowserBased Residency, Cimatics, Brussels, BE. 
27/3-29-5: Design my Privacy, Z33, Hasselt, BE  
10-04/31-07: Queens international: Dance with flARmingos, NY, US. 
6-7/13-14/4Zwaar Metaal Residency, Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, NL. 
19-22/5  : MediaLive, Denver, Colorado, US. 

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