0,1 // assume both

▇▉█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇ ▇▉█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█ 

Participating artists: Dries Depoorter, Jan Robert Leegte, Rosa Menkman, Zsolt Mesterhazy, rad0van Misovic, Karina Pálosi, Alex Zakkas, Joubin Zargarbashi
Exhibition: 26.03 - 30.03.2016

Does 0 mean off?
Does 1 mean yes?
// 011100110110111101110011
The nature of the real is disputable. Is the digital any different? Are they even seperate?
Even though it is presumed that digital spaces are neatly organised - they are in fact as kludgy as the next space. Every slot has its own standard, every platform its own handle, every socket its own protocol. With "0,1 // assume both", BrowserBased illustrates some of these ambiguities in a playful manner. 

█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇▇ █▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▊▊█▇▇ 

For 0,1 // assume both, I worked on a render of one of the last chapters of the DCT:Syphoning.  "Madness or Hell?".  I don't consider this render a final one, I think it will be final only when all 7 chapters are rendered, however it is another part of the short film. 

▇▉▅▋▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇▇ █▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊█▇▇

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