//2008-2015 portfolio

For the last years I have been trying to reposition my practice into the realms of Resolution Studies. With this move I am trying to uncover where the expectations that lie at the bedrocks of the perceived glitch come from. In my opinion, resolutions should not just be understood as an agreed upon setting or solution, that are set by the actors that have for instance economical or political motivations. In fact, resolutions also inhabit a space of compromise. 
I can illustrate this very simply with an example from the realm of video, which is still stuck within the quadrilateral interface. Because of the video standards, set through resolutions, the history and material of video forecloses anything beyond these four corners. And while resolution studies is closely connected to for instance protocological and material research, it creates space for these other, speculative implementations. 
This is why in 2015 I started the iRD, which consist of institutions that propagate the studies and disputes of resolutions. Through these resolution studies, I aim create an awareness of the compromises set by the resolutions inherent to our media and in doing so, I hope and intend to bring back some form of authorship to the layers of resolution setting. 

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