Living Earth, now printed on dead trees!

Living Earth (printed on dead trees)
Living Earth - Field Notes from the Dark Ecology Project 2014 - 2016 is available now, and includes my interview with Heather Davis about queer kinship and plastics.

In the interview, Davis calls for a recalibration of politics, to reconsider the relations of the Western human to time, space and plastics. Davis states that in essence, the narrative of the human has to become less a narrative of mastery, but instead move towards ethical engagement and responsibility. "Queer kinship makes us aware of the responsibility we have towards the beings we create, and those that live and die, including humans and nonhumans."
The whole interview covers 7 pages of Davis' thought provoking perspectives on our other, queer relations to plastics. Living Earth also has a cover photo by me : )

In less than two weeks we will undertake the final Dark Ecology journey into the Barents region. This time it will not be dark; above the polar circle the days of light are already breaking. During this final journey, we will also visit the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is an absolute dream of mine..
Arie Altena did a wonderful podcast about the KSB last year, and also wrote this research series on the subject.

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